Welcome back to Causality!

Elevator Pitch – “Causality is an action RPG game where you travel through a dungeon to challenge yourself against Monsters. We have a safe area for testing your abilities then a room with a bossfight where your skills are tested. Our target audience is people who likes to challenge their pattern recognition and reaction skills.”


This week i’m going to focus on how i implemented the scoreboard in our game. Our reasoning behind having a scoreboard in our game was that, it was just a fun thing to have for players to challenge themselves when they had beaten the boss.

How I did it was that I started of by taking the time from another script that my design programmer had done before. Then at the start of the game i loaded the top 5 previously saved times from a notepad in the gamefiles. And every time a player defeated the boss i made the script check if the time the player got was faster than the top 5 times previously saved, and if it was it would remove the slowest time and replace it with the new time instead.

I also made a menu option for the players so that they could at any time check what the top 5 fastest times where in the game.  



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