Post processing effects

Welcome back to Causality!

Elevator Pitch – “Causality is an action RPG game where you travel through a dungeon to challenge yourself against Monsters. We have a safe area for testing your abilities then a room with a bossfight where your skills are tested. Our target audience is people who likes to challenge their pattern recognition and reaction skills.”


This week i’m going to focus on the post processing effects on the dimension camera. Because we had two different cameras in our game, one standard and one dimension camera. We wanted the effects on the different cameras to be clear and visible to the players. So the thing that our dimension camera does differently from our standard camera. is that the dimension camera has a lot of motion blur and vignetting to make the field of view feel smaller. and to make it seem like you are in another dimension, we also added a lot of gray and blue coloring into the dimension camera to make it even clearer that the player has entered another dimension.

We worked a lot with the looks and feel of the dimension camera and in the end i feel like we worked it out rather well.



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