Dimension swap

Welcome to Causality!

My name is Robin Berneby and I’m a lead Programmer for the team Yggdrasil working on the design concept Causality in Unity.

Causality is an Action RPG viewed from a third person’s perspective that is focused on adventuring and fighting inside a dungeon environment.

The player controls his character and is able to use a few basic attacks and also additional abilities and will face challenging monsters where you have to read and understand them to win. Causality take place in a fantasy world with design references from the 16th to 19th century england.


My first assignment for Causality was to create the dimension swap which is used as Causality’s healing mechanic. And it works like this, when the dimension swap is activated the player will stop dealing damage to the boss in our game, and will instead heal the player if the player hits the boss.

The reasoning behind our dimension swap was that we didn’t want just a normal healing system. Because we felt that was going to be a bit boring, and at the same time we felt like having a dimension swap that worked in this way made it so that the player had to play more tactical when fighting the boss.


And how i did the dimension camera was that i used a very basic script that more or less just turned one camera of and the other camera on. Then i just enabled some effects on the dimension camera when i turned it on to make it look like the player had entered another dimension.



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