Welcome back to Causality!

Elevator Pitch – “Causality is an action RPG game where you travel through a dungeon to challenge yourself against Monsters. We have a safe area for testing your abilities then a room with a bossfight where your skills are tested. Our target audience is people who likes to challenge their pattern recognition and reaction skills.”


This time i’m going to focus on how i did the animations in Causality. I started off by doing some motion capture for our boss and for our player character, which i then tried to implement into our game with varying success. And because of this I had to work overtime for a couple of weeks just to make the animations work like we wanted them to.


The reason i had to work so much on the animations in our game was because when i implemented them into our game, the rotation on certain limbs would be displaced and rotated in a weird angle. Which meant that i had to manually go into every single animation and put the rotation on every single bone to 0 just to get one animation to work like it should. But as you can probably tell this was a very slow and annoying thing to have to do every single time we had to put in a new animation or change something in a old version of an animation. So after doing this for a couple of weeks i decided that i was going to try to look for another option to make it go a bit faster. Which i found after looking for about 3-4 days, and the solution was to make the animation inherent the rotation and angels from a main avatar with all the limbs in the right position.



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